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Sample: Fragments of Hanna Arendt’s “The Nature of Totalitarianism”, as read by Jean-Luc Godard .


(Translated transcript:

If it were true that eternal laws existed, ruling everything human in an absolute way, and which only required of each human being complete obedience, then freedom would only be a farce. Human contact would no longer have any importance, preserved perfect activity alone would matter, operating within the context set up by this wisdom, which recognizes the Law.

This isolation…

Isolation, as a result of absence of friends and of alienation is, from the point of view of man, the sickness which our world is suffering from. Even if it is true, we can notice fewer and fewer people than before who cling to each other without the slightest support. Those people do not benefit from communication methods offered by a world with common interests. These help us escape together, from the curse of inhumanity, in a society where everyone seems superfluous and considered as such by others.

Isolation is not solitude. In solitude, we are never alone with ourselves. In solitude we are always two in one, and we become one, a complete individual with richness and the limits of its exact features, only in relation to others.

The big metaphysical questions, the search for God, liberty and immortality, relations between man and the world, being and nothingness or again, between life and death, are always posed in solitude, when man is alone with himself, therefore in the virtual company of all.

The risk in solitude, is always of losing oneself.

But this truth also remains, that every end in history necessarily contains a new beginning. The beginning is the only promise, the only message which the end can never give. This beginning is guaranteed by each new birth, it is, in truth, each man.)


from Demonstration, released April 6, 2014


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